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We are currently accepting applications for selecting our founding members. We are carefully reviewing every application to ensure we offer our members an inclusive and dynamic impact-driven community.

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Who Should Apply Now

Emerging Artists, Musicians & Select Members of the Press 

are eligible for complimentary memberships

Entrepreneurs + Creatives + Writers
Thought Leaders + Advisors + Consultants
Sociologists + Anthropologists + Envrionmentalists
Community Architects + Advocates + Activists
Psychologists + Neuroscientists + Design Thinkers 
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leaders + Technologists
Musicians + Artists + Entertainers

Our Areas of Focus

Health & Wellness

This space is carved out for members curious about or well-versed in impactful physical and mental health products, practices, and thought leadership.

Growth & Change

Here members can discuss and share insights around topics relative to organizational transformation, neural plasticity, cognitive flexibility, etc.

Earth &


This is space reserved for vital conversations, discoveries, and best practices on all things environmental sustainability, climate change, regulations, and corporate responsibility.

Beauty & Fashion

The Beauty and Apparel industries are experiencing a great of disruption both due to the evolving logistics of retail and social issues informing new consumer expectations.

Education & Training

Here SOV members are. invited to challenge and reimagine the most effective and cost-efficient ways to create learning environments in a post-COVID world. 

Community & Culture

SOV Members will have the unique benefit and pleasure of engaging with socially conscious artists and musicians who to provoke thoughtful conversations.

Jobs &


This space is dedicated to SOV members collaborating and disrupting the future of work, how we get hired, how we get paid, and how founders get funded. 

Tech & 


SOV members will have the opportunity to focus on technological advancements, inclusivity in algorithms, and other critical issues relative to the age of information.


founding membership pricing

$150 Full Rate Paid Monthly

$75/Month Founding Membership

(1) Year Subscription


$1440 Full Rate Paid Annually

$720 Founding Member

(1) Year Subscription

$180 (20%) Saved


$2,700 Full Rate Paid Up Front

$1,350 Founding Member

(2) Year Subscription

$450 (25%) Saved

founding members will receive lifetime 50% discount on membership fees


Membership Benefits

  • Host One Roundtable Per Year

  • Access to the SOV Online Community 

  • Access to Content Library

  • Access to Member Directory

  • All-Access to Virtual Events

  • All-Access to On-Demand Event Recordings

  • 15% Discount for In-Person Events


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