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Our purpose is to bring together mission-driven professionals so you can benefit from fresh perspectives, gain access to disperate resources, and forge impactful connections with one another.

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We aim to be the agnostic destination for visionary connections and collaborations where the top 20% of the world's brightest minds come together to shift the course of our futures.

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As a second-generation Entrepreneur, Elizabeth grew up in a high-spirited home that was constantly hosting memorable professional events, celebrations, and decked-out fundraisers. Notable guests of honor ranged from Gold Medal Olympians to Hall of Fame athletes, to World Poker Champions, to US Cabinet Members and Foreign Presidents.


The Society of Visionaries was launched in 2020 in response to the overwhelming need for a renewed sense of community, eclectic togetherness, and impact-driven collaborations.


Elizabeth has always been someone energized by innovative ideas, creative souls, and fulfilling endeavors. This, combined with her passion for inclusion and the arts ensures the curation of well-rounded affairs.


Prior to SOV, in 2017 Elizabeth launched her first startup, ZerModus. Here, the mission is to empower people by offering practical tools and resources that design your state of mind for successful outcomes. The best-selling product, the Everyday Visionary planner, was featured in HuffPost, Mashable, PopSci, D Magazine, among other publications.




Get to know our esteemed advisors and founding visionaries on our Advisory Board page for our sister brand ZerModus.

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